5 Websites in Singapore that Sell Elderly Products

If the search for the right products that cater for your frail elders or elders with dementia is what brought you to this page, then your search ends here. Caregivers in Singapore often struggle to find innovative products for elderly that cater for the ever dynamically changing health needs of their parents or grandparents. This can be frustrating as well as daunting.

In order to save you the troubles that come with endless searches, we’ve compiled a list of 5 websites in Singapore that sell products for elderly. Here they are:

If you’re looking for variety in products for elderly, The Golden Concepts is the right website to visit. This website, with its wide range of quality elderly equipment, which include Wheelchairs, Bed Rails, Walking Sticks and Bathroom Accessories, helps you to cater for your frail elders in special ways.

Rainbow Care will always come handy for you if you’re in need of home care and rehabilitation products that cater for your seniors. The company delivers exceptional elderly products and services that make life so easy for your loved parents or grandparents.

Lifeline offers a wide range of emergency and rehabilitative products, including wheelchairs that will make your ailing adults “Live a Fuller Life!”

The company helps you to find essential products for elderly. They sell liquid food and products specially catered for elders with difficulty swallowing.

Assisted Living specializes in providing healthcare products and hospital equipments that can help you meet the needs of your elderly.

We hope this list will make your search a lot easier when next you’re searching for elderly products. 

SilverPad – Senior Friendly Tablet

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