Stroke Survivor

Maximizing Recovery for Stroke Survivors with Engaging Worksheets

For those assisting stroke survivors on their path to recovery, every tool and activity that aids the journey becomes indispensable. Whether it’s regaining fine motor control, enhancing cognitive functions, or refining visual perception, every step counts. We will shed light on three remarkable activity sheets developed with the insight of occupational therapy to promote post-stroke recovery.

Scan & Cross Worksheet

This activity not only boosts visual scanning but also improves attention, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive processing. It’s especially beneficial for those who tend to neglect one side, a common challenge post-stroke. 

Stroke Worksheet - Scan and Cross

What you need:


  • Position worksheet in front of stroke survivor.
  • Explain: “Scan left to right from the red line. Cross out specified numbers or letters systematically.”
  • Emphasize starting from the red line for persons with left-sided neglect.
  • Optionally, time the task to track progress.

Copy & Draw Worksheet

Engaging in this task strengthens visual-spatial perception, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities post-stroke, equipping survivors with skills essential for daily activities like reading, writing, and spatial navigation.

Stroke Worksheet - Copy and Draw

What you need:


  • Present the worksheet to your loved one.
  • Instruct: “Replicate the pattern from the left grid to the right one. Begin from the top-left and proceed systematically.”


  • For beginners, use simpler patterns on larger grids. Progress to smaller grids and intricate patterns as proficiency grows.
  • Introduce a memory challenge by momentarily showing the pattern, then asking for replication without reference.

Find and Circle Worksheet

Spotting the differences or finding hidden objects within a dense pattern can be exhilarating. The Find and Circle worksheet transforms this concept into a rehabilitation tool, making the recovery process not just necessary but enjoyable. The progressive nature of this worksheet, from Numbers/Alphabets to Symbols, ensures that the brain is always challenged.

Stroke Worksheet - Find and Circle

What you need:


  • Present the worksheet to the patient.
  • Instruct: “Locate and circle the specified number, letter, or symbol.” Start with Number/Alphabet sheets, advancing to Symbol sheets with proficiency.
  • Monitor, provide feedback, and optionally, time the task.


Post-stroke challenges might be diverse, but with the right tools, measurable progress is not just a hope but a reality. These worksheets, curated with expertise and care, not only target specific post-stroke areas of improvement but also infuse a sense of achievement in the journey. Remember, every crossed-out number, replicated pattern, and circled item signifies progress and resilience.