The 5 Best Tech Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Sending useful gifts to your elderly loved ones during their birthday, a holiday, or any other special occasion can be a great way to express your love. Typical gifts for elderly include tea sets, home decorating supplies, shavers, household accessories, framed family photos, books with large text, gardening tools, crocheting kits, and other such products. However, gifting them a few technology products can also be a great idea since it would allow them to enjoy the practical benefits of modern technology and reduce their fear of technology.

Here are five tech gifts that you may give your elderly parents or grandparents:

1. SilverPad

SilverPad is one of the best gifts for older people. It’s a senior-friendly tablet developed in Singapore that helps seniors embrace technology and live with freedom and independence.

The multilingual tablet has big buttons, large fonts, a big screen, and comes in 8” and 10” variants. It contains over 100 ad-free activities and multilingual Cognitive Games developed by SilverActivities that enable the elderly to focus on cognitive training in a fun manner. It’s also a complete entertainment system with support for music, radio, movies, games, videos, and even news. 

In fact, the simplified interface makes it possible for seniors to use the tablet independently without the need for a caregiver’s help.

2. Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a stylish smart speaker that you can gift your elderly parents, especially if they are interested in technology. The smart speaker comes with Google Assistant built-in. Thus, after you connect the device to your home Wi-Fi network and pair it with the ‘Google Home’ app, your elderly parents or grandparents just need to speak out loud ‘OK Google’ to play music, stream movies on a smart TV, listen to audiobooks, and more.

3. Massage Chairs or Leg Massagers

Massage chairs or leg massagers are beneficial for the elderly, especially if they suffer from conditions such as arthritis. Such products allow an excellent way to relieve stress, fatigue, muscle pain, back pain, and other types of body aches. The best part is that they can enjoy a service similar to a professional massage right from the comfort of their home.

There are several types of massage chairs available on the market. Thus, before selecting a product, you should carefully consider its main features, design, size, and cost.

4. Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuums are pretty popular in Singapore and these marvelous dust suckers are a great gift for the older adults since cleaning is a strenuous chore. Unlike heavy vacuum cleaners that produce noise and need to be dragged around, robotic cleaners can clean the dust on floors automatically with minimal noise.

5. Smart Walking sticks

Smart walking sticks with mp3 and fall alarms are among the best gifts for grandparents and very popular in Singapore. They provide support while walking, come with features such as in-built lights to reduce accidents. They also come with fall alarms to alert people when the user falls down. Thus, these products are a combination of convenience, entertainment, and safety and every senior who needs support while walking should have one.

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