Best Phones For Elderly

Finding a great smartphone for elderly in Singapore is a very good idea, especially if you want to stay in touch with your parents often. What you need to keep in mind is that a great handphone for elderly doesn’t have to be complex. Older people don’t need a lot of functions. Instead, their focus is on ease of use, durability and a long battery life, among others. If you choose a phone with such features, results can be amazing

The ONY Phone is the ideal smartphone launcher app created specifically for older adults. It’s the senior citizen phone app that comes with large icons and text to ensure seniors access the apps they need with ease. Writing a message, modifying settings or accessing the torch function is a lot easier, since everything is really convenient. Plus, the ONY Phone can easily be customized based on your senior’s needs and be installed on their own smartphone.

ONY Phone for seniors


Versatile and very easy to use by seniors

Customizable interface

Large icons and text

Very simple design and functionality

Available worldwide


Might seem a bit too simple for tech-savvy seniors

Jitterbug Smart3 is a smartphone for seniors with a 6.2” screen. It has a powerful speaker and video chat capabilities, as well as a long battery life. They also have a dedicated camera and voice typing for seniors.


Large screen

Long battery life

Video chat support


The list-based menu can be confusing for seniors

The interface can sometimes get cluttered

Limited options to install other things

Not available in Singapore

Doro created their 8050 senior city smartphone with a focus on a simple interface. They also have Google Assistant integration. The speaker is very loud to ensure older people can hear everything. The unit is only available in a single color, and it was designed with the idea that it might get dropped.


Simple interface design

Loud speakers

Google Assistant Support


Available just in a single color

Buttons can get confusing to use

Not the best camera

Not available in Singapore

Alcatel Go Flip 4 is a smartphone for elderly that’s focused more on the idea of durability. It has a 1.44” external display and a 2.8” internal display. Both displays are great, albeit too small for seniors. They also have the KaiOS 3 that allows you to install any apps you want. It’s a simple phone for seniors without a lot of extra features.


Unique flip phone design

Good audio quality

External display to see current time and calls


Display size is small and challenging for seniors

Not the easiest operating system to use

Not available in Singapore

emporiaSMART.3mini is a very simple senior citizen phone with just a few extra features. It keeps a slick design, large buttons, and it also has a camera, GPS support, they also added a call for care button.


Interface gets simplified for seniors

Hearing aid support

Comes with an emergency button


It lacks important features

Camera quality is not the best

Not available in Singapore


As you can see, there are a variety of great phones for seniors, it all comes down to what you are looking for. In our experience, the ONY Phone app surpasses its competitors with its great value, quality and ease of use. If you want a stellar smartphone app for elderly, the ONY Phone is definitely the best bang for your buck, so give it a try!