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  • Best Phones For Elderly

    Finding a great smartphone for elderly in Singapore is a very good idea, especially if you want to stay in touch with your parents often. What you need to keep in mind is that a great handphone for elderly doesn’t have to be complex. Older people don’t need a lot of functions. Instead, their focus […]

  • Top tips to help your elderly family members avoid scams

    Every year, the elderly and seniors become the number one target of financial fraudsters as they don’t know how modern technology works. To protect your parents and grandparents from scammers and con artists, it is essential to make them aware of such problems and teach them how to protect themselves. Follow the tips below to […]

  • How to get your elderly non tech-savvy parent started with social media on a smart device

    Introducing your elderly parents to the world of social media can cure their boredom and help them regain their sense of wonder. It’s not so difficult once you set up a suitable smart device and configure their social media accounts. Teach them slowly by starting with the basics and be patient too. Follow the steps […]

  • Guidelines to teach your elderly parents how to video call with different apps

    Whether it’s the pandemic or during regular times, teaching your elderly parents to video call can help them to connect with you and get on the family video conference. It’s a fulfilling experience that fills you with pride both for your parents and for you. However, it requires time, patience, and persistence. Here’s how you […]