Essential Apps and Features For The Elderly: Social Photo Gallery and News

Social photo Gallery feature lets you combine and organize all your photos at a single place. Not only that, they also let other people view and comment on your photos. There are many different apps that let you organize different photos in different folders or sections.

Facebook is much more than a communication website. It lets you upload photos in different folders along with the date and location of the photo. It provides excellent customisation for your photos. You can show your photos to your friends and hide it from people you don’t want to share the photos with. Facebook lets you have an amazing social photo gallery. People can comment or react on your photos. You can use Facebook through an app and through their website.

This is an ideal app for older people who like to collect and keep photos of their amazing memories. How often do we see a ‘memory full’ error when we are taking photographs? With Google photos, you never run out of mobile space. You can always backup or store the photos online on Google drive. Google photos help you perfectly organize and maintain your vast collection of photos. The whole experience is made more fun by the availability of different types of effects and filters that the users can use to alter their photos.


Many elderly people love to watch and read the news. You would still see a lot of older people reading the newspaper, as they love to know about things going around in the world. Almost all major news channels have their apps so that you can keep yourself updated with the current affairs easily.

It is a must have app for news lovers especially in Singapore. It is a perfect app for older people who like to read the news and stay updated at all times. You can get live updates and breaking news alerts on this app. You can also personalize your news feed so that you only see news about things that you are interested in.

The Straits Times news app is an ideal app for your daily dose of news. Like Channel News Asia app, The Straits Times app also lets you customize your homepage so you get to see the news you are interested in. You can also get alerts for any breaking news. The app has a free as well as a premium version.  You can also save content to read later.

SilverPad – Senior Friendly Tablet

SilverPad is a senior-friendly tablet designed to empower older individuals in the digital age. With multilingual support, its user-friendly interface features big icons and text for easy navigation to serve as a gentle introduction for seniors who may be apprehensive about using technology. Used by numerous senior care organizations, SilverPad offers an array of cognitive games and activities that not only entertain but also stimulate the mind.